Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Parts List

The information contained in this parts database is from the American Honda Motor Co. Inc. parts microfiche dated October 1997, copyright American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The header from the microfiche has the following indicators on it:

PC800'89.'90.'94.'95.'96.'97.'98, October '97 (E4), 1of1, 14MR5KM

At the bottom of this page is a link to a Grid Index Table.  Each entry in the grid index table refers to a double page photo from the microfiche.  The grid number corresponds to the grid number used by Honda for the microfiche; it appears in the lower right corner of each double page photo.

The "page numbers" used in this document are the grid numbers.  The page numbers that appear in Honda's Table of Contents (which appears on each grid) show up at the lower corners of each page in a grid.

The grid numbers in the grid index table are links to the grids.  Each grid has links to the next grid in as many directions as grids exist.  Every grid has a link back to the grid index.  The back button on your browser should return you to the grid you were on when you selected the grid index.

The grids you link to vary in size from 34k to 255k.  If you are using the directional controls on a grid and want to go beyond the grid that is loading, just keep on clicking until you see the grid number you are looking for.  You don't need to wait for the current grid to finish loading.

The "page right" link at the end of each row will take you to the beginning of the next row down.  Conversely, the "page left" link at the beginning of each row will take you to the end of the next row up.  This setup follows Honda's horizontal organization of the fiche; e.g., H12 is the first part of the fairing and I1 is the second part.  The above links allow you to go back and forth between those two with a single click.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems using this database.  Email me: Leland Sheppard.

Leland Sheppard
iPCRC #72

Grid Index Table and Table of Contents

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